Underwater work in an industrial environment is our specialty. Any submerged infrastructure in a petrochemical site, steelworks, sewage treatment plant, power plant, extraction quarry but also in a food or pharmaceutical factory can be subject to intervention by professional divers, whatever the environment: difficult access, chemical, radiological or biological contamination, lack of visibility, temperature, density, etc.

The infrastructures in which we operate are innumerable; let us mention in passing: treatment plants, collection basins, settling basins, aerators, cooling installations, water intakes and discharges, pumping installations, sewer networks, biomass digesters, fire fighting system tanks, etc. ..


Construction and civil engineering companies regularly call on the services of our teams of professional divers for well sinking operations, raft concreting, demolition of concrete or rock bases, inspections and pre-project measurements, acceptance inspection of a structure, repair, object search, sampling by core drilling, etc.

Bridges, wells, locks, canals, dams, underground networks, submerged galleries and other submerged structures constitute our daily work spaces.


We regularly operate in port areas and waterways.

More particularly on:

  • the locks
  • docks
  • quay walls

We also work on the submerged parts of ships.

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