For Belgium: all aspects of our underwater interventions comply with the Royal Decree of 12/23/2003 relating to the protection of workers against the risks associated with work in a hyperbaric environment.

For France: all aspects of our underwater interventions comply with Decree No. 2011-45 relating to the protection of workers operating in a hyperbaric environment and the Order of 10/30/2012 relating to underwater work.

For international: our standards comply with the procedures recommended by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).


All our divers have official professional titles.

They come from the Diving School of Dinant and have perfected their skills abroad to obtain an international Offshore qualification (Class 2A or HSE top-up) recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and International Diving Schools Association (IDSA)


All our procedures, designed in the form of checklists, are recorded in our QA/QC manual and can be consulted by our customers.

Each intervention is subject to the development of an exhaustive operating procedure which is subject to the approval of our clients.

We systematically establish three risk analyzes per intervention

  • Generic risk analysis linked to interventions in a hyperbaric environment
  • Specific risk analysis linked to the intervention in question
  • Last minute risk analysis before the diver enters the water


All our equipment comes from ranges exclusively dedicated to professional diving. They are reviewed and tested periodically. These revisions are subject to follow-up procedures in accordance with VCA type requirements.

In wastewater treatment plants or any other contaminated environment we only use so-called “constant flow” respiratory equipment. This equipment, in permanent excess pressure compared to the underwater environment, is the only one to guarantee that no accidental infiltration of contaminated liquid can affect the diver.


All our divers have the following qualifications:

  • Basic VCA or operational framework
  • Industrial and team first aid worker (PSE1)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Neurologic Assessment
  • Certificate of medical aptitude for hyperbarism


Our head office is home to a 28m deep submerged quarry. Specially designed for training, this infrastructure is made available for the training of divers and the improvement of their know-how. Our divers can regularly train the following abilities:

  • Propeller and rudder inspection and repair
  • Interventions on pipe and flange assembly
  • Clogging of pipes
  • Wreck inspection and refloating
  • Concrete constructions
  • Assembly of valves
  • Implementation and firing of underwater and surface explosive charges
  • Installation of anodes
  • Interventions on agitators
  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Demolition of concrete structures
  • Work at height on 10m walls
  • Deep bubble dive
  • ROV pipeline inspection route
  • Acrobatic work on walls



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