Professional diving

Scuba divers are professional divers capable of operating in any underwater environment to carry out inspection, construction, maintenance and demolition tasks. Waterways, the offshore energy sector and the world of industry are part of their working environment.

Rapid and safe intervention by scuba divers, at the very heart of the customer’s installations, avoids long interruptions of water-based industrial processes or costly dewatering operations.

The lack of visibility, the depth, the pollution do not constitute obstacles for them but rather daily challenges which must be met with all safety and quality requirements.

Interventions in this type of environment obviously require extensive skills. This is why only true professionals have diplomas recognized by the IDSA (International Diving Schools association) and/or the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and constantly update their knowledge.

Professional Diver – Scaphandrier

Interventions throughout the life cycle of equipment

We can assist you throughout the entire life cycle of your submerged installations through our expertise in these four areas of intervention:

  • Inspection: giving an accurate picture before the start of a project or at any time during its completion
  • Construction: place, position, assemble, weld, pour concrete.
  • Maintenance: inspect, diagnose, replace parts, fight corrosion, pump sludge, unclog
  • Demolition: cut up, dismantle

Professional diving – Maintenance cycle


  • Expertise / studies
  • Detection of defects, leaks, cavities, scours, etc.
  • Positioning
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic testing.
  • Taking hydrological measurements, bathymetry
  • 2D or 3D underwater topography
  • Seismic and magnetometric detection
  • Video and acoustic imaging
  • Voltage, plug and continuity measurements


  • Assembly, assembly
  • Concreting
  • Shaft sinking assistance
  • Anchors
  • Drillings
  • Installation of sensors
  • Welding ISO EN 15618-1 and 2
  • Installation of structures


  • Cleaning and preparation of surfaces
  • Anti-corrosion: cathodic protection, shielding, coating
  • Waterproofing (cofferdam, sealing)
  • Depollution
  • Shipping: repair and maintenance of ship hulls, propellers, thrusters, rudders,…
  • De-silting, pumping,
  • Hydrobiological solutions for vases


  • Demolition by hydraulic and pneumatic machines
  • Ultra-thermal cutting
  • Dismantling of structures
  • Explosives
  • Deflagrating pyrotechnic charges


We refloat all types of vessels in depths of more than 40m.



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