Interventions on industrial sites

We have been working for 25 years for the benefit of all components of the industrial fabric: steelworks, agri-food, pharmaceuticals, energy production, petrochemicals and many others…

  • Security – reliability – responsiveness
  • Solutions to keep your processes running
  • The opportunity to preserve a precious resource: water


  • Density of sludge, heat, explosive atmosphere, pathogens, lack of visibility: we have controlled all these risks in order to become essential partners in this circular and sustainable sector.
  • We carry out, in sometimes very short deadlines: mapping of the heights of residual sediments (mineral, exogenous), cleaning of heating systems, intervention on agitators and their masts, sealing of leaks, change of pipes or valves.

Treatment plants

  • Essential for returning water to the natural environment, these infrastructures require very regular underwater maintenance operations.
  • We carry out: inspections of sediment accumulation (bathymetry), replacement of agitator masts, disengagement of aeration lines, unblocking of agitators, etc.

Extractive industries

As large users of water and faced with environmental challenges, extractive companies regularly call on our divers.

  • Maintenance of pump strainers or pipes
  • Bathymetry and sample collection to determine the potential of a site during exploitation
  • Emergency interventions on submerged excavators


In this sector, water is integrated into many process phases but above all constitutes an essential element for safety, whether for cooling or firefighting.

  • Maintenance of submerged equipment
  • Maintenance of fire tanks
  • Search for leaks

Pharmaceutical industry

This sector is experiencing accelerated development and as a result, its water needs continue to increase. Their wastewater contains a number of potential contaminants: solvents, heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

This is why it must be subject to a recycling process. Our divers regularly operate in these contaminated environments.

  • Repair of agitator masts
  • Placement of probes
  • Clogging of pipes

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