1. Reduction of shutdowns

For our industrial customers, an intervention by divers lasting a few minutes to a few days saves them from very long and very costly operations to dry out their submerged infrastructures.

2. Ecological footprint

Once the installation has been dried, what should we do with this water, often contaminated by an industrial process? Reprocessing costs are often astronomical and what impact will this have on the environment? Underwater interventions avoid having to pump and treat enormous volumes of water for which it is difficult to find a purpose.

3. Innovative solutions

The breadth of our techniques combined with a solid network of experts in fields such as: hydrology, hydrodynamics, depollution, sludge treatment, demolition by explosives, ultra-high pressure cutting allows us to offer our customers a range of solutions that no one had previously considered.

Professional Diver – NDT Valve Inspection

Diver – 3D Drawing

Nuclear Power Plant Diver

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