Remotely Operated Vehicles

Our underwater robots, called ROVs in the jargon, offer a new dimension to our services.
  • Inspections of places inaccessible to a diver: narrow pipes, depths greater than 60m, risk areas or currents, etc.
  • Search for wrecks, or locate structures using on-board sonar
  • Flexibility: compact, lightweight and requiring only one operator, our ROVs are quick to set up and adapt to the most complex situations.
  • Monitoring and safety of divers in intervention
  • Assistance in positioning loads
  • Bathymetry


  • 6 thrusters provide excellent maneuverability and offer the possibility of operating in strong currents (up to 2m/s)
  • 400m of cable to fully inspect the largest structures
  • Navigation and detection sonar
  • Manipulator arm
  • 4K camera adapted to the lowest visibility conditions
  • Maximum operational depth: 130m
  • Automatic stabilization for better shots



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